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VIM | COVER | Property Compliance Australia

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    PCA Understands Your Property

    Established in 2014 and known as PCA, Property Compliance Australia has experienced tremendous market support for their fresh approach to compliance.

    In a day where it seems everyone spruces to be the technology leaders, PCA is proud to have introduced to the industry many new supportive services and products, with just one example being the introduction of the first photographic compliance certificate.

    As a team they’re proud to continue raising the bar, just like us. That is why at VIM Cover, we support and use PCA exclusively for our property compliance requirements.

    The Benefits

    Why Choose Property Compliance Australia for your property compliance needs?

    They are Different

    They are fundamentally different to other compliance service providers as they offer more than just maintenance services.

    With technology at the forefront of all PCA does, they’re able to provide proactive compliance governance to each agency in the management of their portfolio, whilst providing the full suite of field services required.

    Their systems, support and services are shaped by their clients.

    Their Vision

    Their vision is simple:

    • To continue raising the bar on what the industry should expect from a service provider in the compliance field.

    • To provide time back to property management teams so their focus remains on core agency activities which drive business growth and long term sustainable success.

    Their Mission

    Operating and tailored specifically for the property management sector within the real estate industry.

    Their purpose is to ensure tenant safety through the completion of field inspections for all compliance requirements utilising benchmark systems, people and processes.

    Get the property compliance coverage you need with the service you deserve.

    At Property Compliance Australia, they are committed to providing all of your compliance requirements such as:

    Contact PCA today to discuss your property compliance needs and protect your business assets with confidence. Let PCA be your partner in safeguarding your asset.

    VIM | COVER | Property Compliance Australia